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The  Palio of Siena

July 2 and August 16


The Palio horse race,  dedicated to the Madonna di Porvenzano in July and to the Madonna Assunta in August, is one of the events in Italy you shouldn’t miss. In Siena we look forward to it with passion and emotion for the whole year.

For this reason it is always possible to plan a visit focused on the secrets of the Horse Race, the jockeys, the horses and the thousands stories and legends Siena is rich of.

If you can reach us during the event I may guide you through the Contrade, the 17 districts of my town, take part to the dinners and banquets and partecipate to the trial races and the Great day on July 2 and August 16 with the Parade and the events leading to the RACE.

I will be very proud to show you my territory, the Contrada of the Torre with an Elephant on our coat of arms: Last time we won is 2005 and if you want to see the photo of that explosion of emotions just chose the buton Meeting the Jockey. The protagonists are the jockey Trecciolino on the horse Berio!

Any time you can contact me to book seats on the bleachers and at the windows and balconies of one of the prestigious palace in Piazza del Campo in order to enjoy the amazing Palio di Siena.


If you want to know more about it, feel free to send me an email to







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