by Stella Soldani
Siena,  enjoy  the  art  of  travel
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Yummy Gourmet Tours.


I was always interested in the world of wines and tuscan cuisine and thanks to my mum I learned how to prepare simple but delicious recepes using genuine and organic ingredients.


The yummy tours are my favourites because we will discover together Siena using all our senses, ready to enjoy tastes, flavours, colours, sounds and bringing back home a very old and precious experience.



We will join a cooking class of medieval or traditional tuscan cuisine, we will taste the best tuscan wines such as the Brunello di Montalcino, the Chianti Classico, the Nobile di Montepulciano and the Vernaccia di San Gimingano. We will taste the sienese cookies and cakes together with a good glass of Vinsanto , our dessert wine after having lunch or dinner in one of my favourite restaurants.

 In the afternoon we may reach the country where all the ingredients we tasted are grown and produced, visiting a winery in the Chianti region or in Montalcino, enjoying also the Pecorino cheese and the Cinta senese wild boar.

There are many possibilities to make your yummy day unforgettable, so if your senses need more…


feel free to send me an email 














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